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Hearing loss, it can mean different things to different people

At Open Hearing Solutions, we look not only at hearing loss, but what it means to YOU. Working throughout Central Scotland, either in-store or in the comfort of your home, Open Hearing Solutions look to provide a fully personal response to your needs – whether it is reassurance that everything is fine, understanding why an existing hearing aid is not matching your expectations, or devising a hearing solution that matches your needs.

Our specialist micro-suction wax removal service allows the quick and painless removal of problem wax that can sometimes take weeks or months to clear via traditional methods.

With over a decade of experience working with NHS Audiology and ENT departments throughout the country, along with providing a bespoke private hearing aid service, Open Hearing Solutions can help you find the right outcome for your hearing issues.

Our premises

In our efforts to offer the highest standards in hearing health assessment and hearing aid fitting to our customers, Open Hearing Solutions are delighted to announce the opening of our dedicated Hearing Centre at Mirren Court Paisley.

Our new Paisley Hearing Centre has a dedicated Audio Room, to carry out a variety of tests including standard audiograms, Speech Tests, and QuickSIN (Speech In Noise testing). Hearing aid fittings can be carried out via Real Ear Measurements – the universal clinical standard in hearing aid fittings.

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We also have a dedicated Microsuction Suite, for the safe removal of earwax via microsuction and ear irrigation. This allows us in most cases to remove troublesome wax in 10-15 minutes – something that could take several weeks or even months using more traditional methods.

For £20 you can book a consultation, or even for a look around our new Paisley Hearing Centre, book an appointment with our online calendar, or contact us on 0141 776 2648, or at

Hearing Aids

There are a large number of different options available to those that require them, including styles and technology levels. Often the choice can be very confusing, and you may find it overwhelming to make the correct decision.

Help and advice

People often find discussing hearing loss difficult. Often they feel defensive about any problems they be experiencing. On many occasions, they are not even aware if there IS a problem. Click below to find out more information.

Some of our happy customers



Craig fitted me with a pair of Widex 440 aids on a free trial, and after 2 weeks, I has happy to purchase! The difference in my new aids and my old NHS aids is like night and day!

Dr B K


I had a blocked ear over the weekend which was gradually getting worse. I looked online and called Craig who was very pleasant on the phone. Craig very kindly came to my surgery at a time that suited me. The service, knowledge and cost were all 10/10 and I appreciate going the extra mile to accommodate my schedule. Thank you!



I get up, put my aids in, and forget about them until I go to bed – exactly what I want.



After unsuccessfully trying NHS aids, I made an appointment with Open Hearing Solutions for a consultation. After a comprehensive hearing assessment, I agreed to try a new pair or rechargeable 'In The Ear' style hearing aids. I can now hear so much better, and don't have to worry about listening to my friends now we can meet again!