Starkey Livio Hearing Aids

Including the worlds FIRST rechargeable In-The-Ear hearing aids!

In 2020 Starkey Introduced their new Livio range of hearing aids, building on their existing cutting-edge technology and design. Included in this range is the worlds first rechargeable In-The-Ear hearing aids!

As one of the worlds largest hearing aid companies, Starkey have always been at the forefront of product design and innovation. With the new Livio rechargeable range, they have moved to the front of the queue on offering the best products to my customers.

Boasting fantastic design and technology, the Livio R ITE range means that even people that have issues with using hearing aids can take advantage of the latest in hearing aid technology.

With a magnetic charging unit for the ITE range, it is actually more difficult to NOT charge their new hearing aids than to charge them!

This means that people with visual or physical impairments can use their aids with less requirement on assistance from care givers.

The AI option also allows the aids to provide a healthcare element to their function – for example, alerting caregivers if the hearing aids have detected a ‘fall’ by the wearer. This provides added peace of mind for the wearers family, associates, etc.

The Livio Edge AI can even translate languages!

These hearing aids are a real game-changer, and open up a whole new option for new and existing hearing aid users. They come in a variety of styles and technology levels, and allow more people to benefit from the gift of better hearing.

Here’s Dr Cliffs in-depth review of the Starkey Livio range:

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