Hearing Consultations

Open Hearing Solutions

People often find discussing hearing loss difficult. Often they feel defensive about any problems they be experiencing. On many occasions, they are not even aware if there IS a problem. At Open Hearing Solutions, we feel that everyone should have a greater understanding of their hearing, whatever the level.

We look to carry out a comprehensive client history, and identify what (if any) issues they are experiencing. We then carry out a full hearing assessment with otoscopy, so that we can obtain a full and correct analysis of the hearing thresholds and overall ear health.

If any issues are identified, they are fully explained, and matched to the particular issues identified by the client.

If no action is required, the client can be reassured of the situation, and advised of strategies to assist with any problems. If there is a requirement for further medical intervention, this shall also be clearly explained, and an appropriate referral made to the relevant medical party (e.g. NHS Audiolgy or ENT departments).

If a hearing aid solution is appropriate, this can be discussed openly, with all relevant information provided and possible solutions explored. For a consultation to discuss any issues further, please contact us.