Hearing Protection

Minimise the damage caused by excessive noise. The world is a noisy place, and many people work or play in environments that leave them at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

This could be from performing or listening to music, shooting, or industrial noise at work. In all of the above environments, hearing protection is advised. This could take the form of simple temporary foam inserts, to advanced noise attenuation systems to provide complete protection with minimal hearing disruption. Open Hearing Solutions offers a fully comprehensive range of options to protect your hearing, including:
  • Professional advice as to the selection of the hearing protection product appropriate to your needs
  • A hearing test at your initial visit to identify any existing or potential hearing loss
  • Aural examination and impression taking
  • Full product fitting and performance assessment.
Should you be interested in what options are suitable for your situation, please contact us on 0800 059 9230, or at cg@openhearing.scot
Wax Removal

Many people experience issues with wax obstruction in the ear canal. This can lead to problems such as reduced hearing, tinnitus, balance problems, and infections.

If you are a hearing aid user, wax may impact upon your hearing aids performance, or cause frequent distracting whistling.

Impacted wax can be very difficult to treat, and may take weeks or even months to remove by conventional means such as syringing. This can also lead to discomfort and even damage to the sensitive areas of your ear – many doctors surgeries now do not recommend this treatment for wax removal.

Open Hearing Solutions uses Micro-Suction, the safest and quickest way of removing wax. By removing the wax by suction under microscope, even impacted wax can be removed in minutes, allowing you to get on with your life unobstructed.

Hearing Aids

There are a large number of different options available to those that require them, including styles and technology levels. Often the choice can be very confusing, and you may find it overwhelming to make the correct decision.

At Open Hearing Solutions, we aim to help make your decision as easy as possible, matching the style and technology to your individual requirements.

Our prices are amongst the lowest available for modern hearing aid technologies, and we ONLY recommend what we feel is appropriate for YOUR hearing requirements.

Feel free to compare our prices against our competitors, and ask what we would charge for any quote you have received - we don't think you'll find a better service for less!