Wax Removal

Many people experience issues with wax obstruction in the ear canal. This can lead to problems such as reduced hearing, tinnitus, balance problems, and infections.

If you are a hearing aid user, wax may impact upon your hearing aids performance, or cause frequent distracting whistling.

Impacted wax can be very difficult to treat, and may take weeks or even months to remove by conventional means such as syringing. This can also lead to discomfort and even damage to the sensitive areas of your ear – many doctors surgeries now do not recommend this treatment for wax removal.

Open Hearing Solutions uses Micro-Suction, the safest and quickest way of removing wax. By removing the wax by suction under microscope, even impacted wax can be removed in minutes, allowing you to get on with your life unobstructed.

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I attended a few hearing aid suppliers to upgrade my existing hearing aid to compare services. Most companies tried to tell me what I should have. Only open hearing solutions actually listened to what I wanted.
I booked a wax removal appointment online and was seen within two days. The options were clearly explained to me, and the procedure took less than ten minutes. Can now hear clearly, with no discomfort.
Stephanie let me try different styles of hearing aids until I found the one that suited me best. I've never felt better about wearing my hearing aids!
Compared with previous experiences through the NHS, this is well worth the money.
I am housebound and registered blind, so rely on my hearing aids. Open Hearing Solutions always make the effort to come to me, and make sure my hearing aids are always working properly.
Kind, patient and expert advice. Would highly recommend.