As I am in the process of establishing my new Hearing Centre in Paisley, I thought I should take the opportunity to say hello to you!

My name is CRAIG GALLACHER, the owner of OPEN HEARING SOLUTIONS and I am a Hearing Aid Dispenser.


A Hearing Aid Dispenser (HAD) is the name of a person qualified to provide private hearing care. They may or may not have clinical Audiology experience, which usually means they have worked in the NHS.


It depends who you ask! A HAD would say NO, and Audiologist would say YES!

Audiologists will usually have greater experience in working with complex cases via NHS referrals, as HAD’s are required by law to refer clients to a GP or ENT department if a clients case presents certain issues that requires a medical opinion. This means that they are more likely to have come across a larger group of patients with specific needs, and have more experience in offering a solution to an individual problem.

However, HAD’s usually work with the latest hearing aid technology, have been trained on the latest fitting strategies, and offer a far more comprehensive range of options for your individual hearing needs.


I have combined more than 15 years experience of working in both private Hearing Care and clinical Audiology.

Since qualifying in 2002, I have worked in Audiology and ENT Departments throughout the UK (I still provide occasional services to Audiology and ENT).

During this period, I have also provided private Hearing Care, providing consultancy services to clients and organisations throughout the country. I have customers as far away as the Western Isles and Cumbria, and offer a personal service to each and every one of my private clients.

At the last count, I worked out that I have fitted over 12,000 hearing aids!

I also spent 5 years working for the worlds largest hearing aid manufacturer, and experienced at first-hand the level of research and technical development involved in designing and manufacturing hearing solutions.

This level of experience ensures that I can offer a unique service to my clients, taking my experience of working with some of the most challenging Audiology cases in the country, and providing personal solutions using state-of-the art products, with an expert understanding of the research and ideas behind the technology used.

I have now opened my first dedicated Hearing Centre, at 3 Mirren Court, Paisley. My clinic consists of customised Audiology and Microsuction Suites which allow me to match and exceed the levels of care offered at NHS departments, offering services such as Speech Tests and Speech In Noise Tests, on top of basic hearing tests, and Real Ear Measurement calibrated hearing aid fittings (the universal standard in hearing aid fittings).
Should you have any questions about ANY hearing issue, or wish to arrange an appointment for any of the services I provide, feel free to contact me at cg@openhearing.scot, visit my website at www.openhearing.scot, or give me a call on 0800 059 9230.